Just a Small Town Girl With a Dream

Kathy Haan lives in a Midwestern town of just 1,900 people, and made a name for herself in the business space. She escaped the corporate world to be a full-time writer, blogger, and author. You can find her non-fiction work in Forbes, Fortune, and US News, where she's a regular contributor.
Haan's novels consist of spicy paranormal and fantasy romance, featuring morally grey heroes, villains, and imperfect heroines.
Her husband, Kirk, is her muse. Her three children are why she works hard; she wants to show her kids the secret to telling a great story is living one. 

why choose // one bed in an inn // one horse // fated mates // villain gets the girl // arranged marriage // enemies to lovers // possessive alphas

Tropes I Love



Book one of the Fae Academia series takes place at Bedlam Academy, the most prestigious university in the fae realm of Bedlam. It's where Rose will receive her magical education, as well as lessons in friendship, temptation, love and heartbreak.

This series is spicy, and is of the new adult variety.

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