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On the island of Academia, all of Bedlam's witches and fae attend magical universities once they reach maturity. Continue Rose, Nova, and Bennett's journey through college.


YoUr NExT READ by Kathy

Book one in the Bedlam Moon Trilogy, Lana finds herself on a quest to figure out why her mom disappeared when she was a kid. Along the way, she faces an evil cult, its leader, and multiple love interests she doesn't have to pick just one of in the end.

YoUr NExT READ by Kathy

Lana finds herself in the fae realm of Bedlam, barefoot, alone, and nearly dead. A bargain with the fae kings just might cost her everything.

YoUr NExT READ by Kathy

In this trilogy conclusion, a war between vampires, werewolves, and the fae might cost Lana everything. Can she stop it before it's too late?

YoUr NExT READ by Kathy

Twins Rose and Bennett begin their magical training on the island of Academia in the fall. It's like Hogwarts, but university. 

YoUr NExT READ by Kathy

When Morte, a fae of the phoenix order, ends up in the fae equivalent of hell, she's desperate to get back to her realm. She tries to convince Aggonid of her innocence, but he doesn't believe her, and makes her life a living hell. Can Morte go back to Bedlam before her heart—and her life—are destroyed forever?

In the fae realm of Bedlam, you'll meet diverse characters like Lana, Finn, Oz, Gideon, Auguste, Penn, Grimm, Casimir, Pierce, Sarai, Rune, Novaleigh, Mekhi, Rose, and Bennett. 

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